Efforts to improve safety and quality

According to the stringent corporate policy, TransWeb implements measures not only for improved safety and quality, complete management of the items delivered but also for our employee’s health, safety and wellness.

Staff physical condition management

Health care is one of the most important and essential criteria in order to ensure safe and secure transportation. The manager in charge confirms the driver’s physical and mental wellness by direct interview every morning, during which the mandatory alcohol check is carried out with the special detector.
All the drivers in operation are mandated to submit operational logs including their health condition during and after work.
Operations Manager exercises his/her own discretion in instructing driver change if he/she determines it is of necessity.

Operations Manager interviews the drivers to check his/her health condition prior to driving.

Portable alcohol detectors are installed to the transporter.

Group Evaluation System

The drivers in the Transport Division are grouped in accordance with their tasks/operations. Each group has frequent meetings and the head of the group promotes the colleagues to exchange opinions for improved safety. All of them are encouraged to set their monthly goals, which are clearly written on the group’s dedicated whiteboard. Additionally, their daily scores (positive/negative scoring system) are also depicted. Everybody has an easy access to the whiteboard, which triggers the team’s self-review and motivation.

A meeting for safe operation is indispensable

On the white board, each job quality is obvious..

Operations Manuals

In order to prevent risks from arising, the right procedures should be precisely followed and persons involved should control their emotions. “Watch and learn from your seniors” is a thing of the past. A novice driver/operator may be exposed to increased risk whereas the experienced may make mistakes because they take every procedures for granted.

To cope with the possible errors, TransWeb is eager to compiling every one of the processes/procedures into manuals. Practical exercises are regularly carried out to train all the employees. Danger zones requiring special cautions are identified in fluorescent red, encouraging the employees to re-recognize immediate dangers.

The drivers are responsible for updating and revising the manual.

Fluorescent red areas in the vehicle provoke cautions.

Specialist Vehicle Manegement

Maintaining the vehicle in excellent condition is the single most important factor in transportation safety and quality. The driver constitutes an integral part of vehicle management. He/She is in charge of quick visual inspection prior to driving, in which failures and issues could be found before causing impact on the safe and smooth operation.

Nevertheless, some problems cannot be solved by the driver alone. In such cases, the professional team consisting of the first-grade automotive technicians and specialist mechanics to promptly cope with the issue. It is another example of TransWeb commitment to punctual delivery, which is the most fundamental quality required in the entire business fields.。