From One-off operation to fleet transport of premium luxury imported vehicles.

TransWeb collects import vehicles at the major ports and delivers them to a wide variety of destinations throughout Japan.When speed and efficiency are of priority, open transporters are used, which has been made feasible thanks to the sufficient protective measure applied to the most of luxury import cars. Additionally, the utilization of open transporter provides an important advantage to the customer in terms of reduced loading/unloading time.
Not with standing the aforementioned, the drivers and supporting staff members wear white gloves and usesseat covers to keep the delicate interior trims of the vehicle intact during loading/unloading processes. Our commitment to quality remains as the same as the case of charter operations. The open transporters are painted in pure white, causing no impact to the corporate/brand image of our customer.

Theclosed transporter is responsible for delivering the vehicles to the dealer network. The closed transporter provides the higher level of security. It is the least likely that vehicles onboard would be damaged by unauthorized party. Our latest transporter accommodates five vehicles without difficulty even if they are high-roof SUVs.
TransWeb is entrusted by more than one automotive brands to transporting many of new vehicles. The more achievements and experiences we gain, the greater the demand becomes. We are taking the challenge in a positive manner and striving for exceeding our customer’s expectation.

In order to prevent accidents during loading and unloading, we take maximum care into safety.

Dangerous spots are colored with orange color in order to thoroughly recognize dangerous spots.

All the vehicles are tightly fixed to the transporter floor by tie-wrap belts made of special fabric.