Keep valuable cars securely in containers

With the “Transweb Quality” in mind, we are committed and dedicated to our customers’ 100% satisfaction by transporting their vehicles in the safest and most secure manner plus added values. Now the quality unique to the company is further upgraded by commencing the new challenge — High-Quality Container Operations.

The tailor-made 20-feet containers, with the standardized exterior dimensions unchanged, feature three mobile wall panels at the front and each side. Allowing the full-open position, the wall structure significantly reduces damage to the items transported. More specifically, when loading and unloading the vehicle, the possibility of its doors and/or other components coming into contact to the panels is now kept almost zero.
The 270-degree openable configuration has another advantage. For the exhibition and event, you don’t have to take the vehicle out from the container. Instead, just leaving the panels open ensures a fine view for the visitors. This offers a greater number of options for our customer.

Additionally, we are planning to further upgrading the bespoke container. The planned installation of the climate control system and air purifier will regulate the temperature and humidity, guaranteeing the optimized storage condition for an extended period of time.

Rest assured that we offer the conventional 20-feet containers.

The “Transweb Quality” doesn’t stop here. Under the close collaboration with the specialist partner, we have prepared the tayler-made trailers featuring the innovative ideas to carry the special container. We rely on the Scania tractors as power sources because, among others, they have a lowered tractor-trailer coupling position, making the cargo floor completely flat throughout the entire length. As a result, one trailer accommodates two 20-feet containers.

High-Quality Container Operations offer a unique opportunity to our customer, providing the three-fold advantages — storage, transportation and exhibition — without unloading your vehicle from the container. Items transported are not limited to the vehicle.

All the choices are up to you. We are looking forward to meeting and even exceeding your requirements with the “Transweb Quality”.

Loadable two 20 feet containers

Customized trailer with lots of our ideas

Container is loadable with lower coupler height