Supporting a wide variety of national events including concerts,
theatrical performances and ballets.

Our business has gone farther than the services for the premium arena of the automotive and racing industries. TransWeb is offering the specialist services for concert and event organizers to move a wide variety of audio-visual equipment and complex stage props. The business operation is now one of the important pillars of TransWeb.

The professional audio-visual equipment is as precise and expensive as luxury vehicles and racing cars. Our profound experience in the automotive field plays a key role for secure and safe movement of the handle-with-care products. Delivering the items to the site, unloading and setting them up promptly, dismantling them after the performance and reloading them again to the transporter require highly professional operations.。

Stage props, necessary for glamor of performance art, call for a wide storage space. In response to the demands, TransWeb owns a temporary warehouse that keeps them safely and securely. The comprehensive services ranging from transportation to storage are guaranteed for our customers.

One example: TransWeb is offering the fully covered services for the regular performance of a well-known ballet company, including back-stage support of installation, breakdown and temporary storage.

Handle the exhibit car carefully, carry it while checking firmly.

Special attention is called for to transport complex and large-sized equipment.

Selection of the transporter depends on the dimensions of service entrance.