Development of transporters specially prepared for bonded cargo enables
dramatic reduction in logistics costs.

The ever-going globalization, coupled with the industrial and demographic characteristics of Tokyo Metropolitan district, promotes a heavy concentration of cargoes to two international airports — Narita and Haneda.

Perhaps you might not know that a large number of cargoes go back and forth between the two airports approximately 90km away from each other. This particular traffic is called “overland transport (OLT)” — foreign goods transported inland from one designated bonded area to another without the customs cleared.

By bringing the trailer into the transport arena where the oversized trucks have been the major players, our collaboration with Hirano Logistics Corporation successfully ensures the increased loading efficiency by 25 – 100% and greater, as well as the reduced CO2 emission by more than 50%. The entire industry is paying special attention to the outstanding improvements in efficiency offered by our trailers.

The roller mechanism over the joint between the two trainers enables push-loading from the rear-end.

Our transporter accommodates two more AMA containers than the conventional means of transportation.

Cost reduction was made possible by developing specialized vehicles.