Target Set at Improved Transport Quality

TransWeb has been passionately committed to improving quality of cargo transport including cost and time efficiencies for our customers.

Among others, we have developed a high-deck transporter that allows a double-story loading and an air cargo trailer, a fruit of collaboration with Hirano Logistics Corporation, which allows a higher loading efficiency for air cargos.

Reasons behind Commitment to Extensive Improvements

To tell the truth, the Japanese logistics industry is about ten years behind that in Europe.

For example, little European professional cargo trucks and trailers run on Sundays for controlled personnel working time and reduced emissions. No such regulations are yet to be applied and enforced in Japan.

Looking at the logistic infrastructure, there are rooms for improvements. Most of the highway-side parking spaces and distribution centers are designed for large trucks and buses and don’t accommodate the articulated counterpart, which is longer than the current protagonists in the Japanese logistics.

We have to turn our attentive eyes to the social changes in the global field with the strong belief that sustainability is the key of our survival. We regularly send our representatives abroad to find the latest solutions and developments in the industry.

Efficiency: Key for Sustainable Future

We began to opt for the European trailer manufacturers simply because those in Japan were slow in production. As our business relationship developed, we came to find that they set the standard of their own to ensure product quality.

For example, they apply the zinc-plating treatment to the metal components for anti-corrosion, which would surely provide the customer with the benefit of cost reduction in maintenance/repair. The meticulous attention to details to ensure the advantages supports those living/operating in the cold regions where the road salt often causes negative impacts to the vehicles.

Efficiency is one of the important aspects of our business and we are learning a lot from the European trailer manufacturers, who are our distinguished and indispensable partners.

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