Where TransWeb was born.
Hand-in-hand with racing teams, we are aimed at winning.

Motorsport Operation is one of the core business divisions of TransWeb. We have been involved in the racing industry since our inauguration. We have offered specialist logistics services to various teams in Super GT and Super Formula Championships.

The racing car is different from the road-going car in terms with its extremely “low” ride height. Our purpose-built transporter is equipped with the entirely-flat power rear gate to accommodate the sporting vehicle. The all-around air suspension system is a requirement of the transporter that carries the precision mechanisms including, among others, racing engines, electronic control units and suspension systems.

In addition to the racing car transportation, we are responsible for delivery of special service tools and technicians as well as the on-site computer telemetry systems that is essential to strategic analysis. We at TransWeb are keeping abreast of the latest technologies for sporting requirements, surpassing the conventional boundary of the logistics specialist. We always prepare ourselves to offering the 360-degree support to racing teams eager to winning.

TransWeb is an enthusiastic group of “car guys”. For us, the racetrack is the field of dreams. Quite naturally, a joy of being together with the team to reach for the overall win motivates us for dynamic growth.

We also help them as an assistant

A special BTO transporter does not only accommodate tools and equipment but team members (Team ARTA).

Outreaching the limit of transporter: It serves as a “mobile office” (Michelin Tyre Japan)