Quality begins with ensuring security and safety of our customer’s items.

TransWeb has been utilizing the oversized transporters to guarantee our customers transporting security and safety of their vehicles and other important items. Our transporters feature the concealable cabins that dramatically upgrade security. No outsiders can see what is inside.

Concerning the charter operation, our basic strategy is as follows; Vehicles and other items are to be delivered to the final destination by the identical transporter that has been used for the collection. Uniqueness of our policy becomes obvious when compared with the majority of transportation companies, which use different transporters for collection and delivery simply because of improved efficiency. The vehicles and/or items to be transported have to be taken out from one transporter and put in to another, creating unnecessary risk of damaging during the changeover. One question: Is it right to exposing the customer’s property to risk?

No changeover results in the movement in the shortest possible time. It is the foundation of TransWeb quality — the shortest in collection/delivery, the lowest possibility of damaging the customer’s property and the highest in security and safety.

TransWeb hasn’t been satisfied with what we are. It is our dedication and passion to continuously upgrading, for example, the transporter. The latest-generation version succeeds in significant upgrading of transportation efficiency by easily accommodatingfive vehicles with high roof like an SUV. The power rear gate lifts up and down any automobile up to 2,500kg. The transporter with greater capacity sports the air suspension, minimizing the noise and vibrations.

Our transporters are painted in white in order not to cause impacts on the brand image of our customers. Speaking of white, our drivers and supporting members wear white gloves and useseat/steering wheel covers when handling customer’s cars. The color symbolizes our meticulous attention to the customer’s property.

Annual transport of many luxury vehicles tells us important lessons for further improvement in operational skills and techniques as well as accumulation of technical knowhow. TransWeb is always on the run when it comes to upgraded quality, safety and security of transporting your cars and other properties.

Our latest-generation transporter, Rolfo, carrying nine vehicles safely and securely.

White gloves are the “must have” of our drivers and supporting staff.

Perfect protection: Disposable seat and steering wheel covers and floor mats.